Dr. Joshua Smith


I am Dr. Joshua Smith. I grew up in Great Falls, MT and attended University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, graduating with honors in 2007. I then practiced as a general dentist for four years in Arizona and New Mexico. As a general dentist, I enjoyed performing root canal therapy enough to move my family across the country and complete an endodontic residency in Boston, MA at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. In 2014, upon completing my training, I brought my wife and four kids back west where we belong. Now that I am finally done with my schooling, we look forward to taking our kids skiing, fishing and all the other outdoor activities that make Utah such a great place to live.

Needing a root canal is traumatic for most anyone. The most rewarding aspect endodontics is for me to provide this treatment and upon completion having the patient say, “That was not so bad.” My patients are then able to achieve relief from the pain they may be experiencing, keep a tooth that would otherwise be lost, and do so in a comfortable manner.